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Senior Citizen Information for Career Credit Courses

Workforce, Economic, and Community Development division of Patrick & Henry Community College welcomes senior citizens to enroll in professional development and/or personal enrichment career credit classes. In addition to creating a student profile, senior citizens must complete the Senior Citizen Tuition Assistance Agreement form and submit to the office of the Registrar, if interested in enrolling under the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974. 

Under the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974, those 60 years of age and older may enroll in career credit courses and pay only for service fees, course materials, and lab fees. There is no cost for tuition if the student is domiciled in Virginia for a minimum of a one-year period to the beginning of the class one seeks assistance. No limit is placed on the number of terms, quarters, or semesters in which a senior citizen who is not enrolled for academic credit may register for courses, but the individual can take no more than three career credit courses in any one term, quarter, or semester.

Senior citizens registering under these provisions must do so on a space-available basis after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated and contingent on a minimum number of paying students for a career credit class to meet go-no go class requirements. P&HCC has no obligation under the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974 to offer courses specifically to meet the needs of senior citizens or to continue to provide a particular course for a senior citizen who has registered for the course if the regular enrollment in the course is not adequate to justify the course offering. Unless contacted ahead of time by college staff or faculty, seniors should plan to attend class(es) until the final determination is made.