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Leadership Series

my TIME: Time Invested Mastering Excellence. Mark your calendars for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Frontline leaders and contributors will learn and grow by participating in this leadership series, addressing a different topic each month, from the comforts of your desk, home office, or mobile device. Join us for My TIME!

Full Price of Bundle: $719 l Discounted Price: $647 (10% discount on tuition and materials if enroll in entire series)

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DDI: Your Leadership Journey l January 13 & 27 l Cost: $124

Making the transition from individual contributor to leader is both exciting and challenging. Unfortunately, we often promote individuals based on their hard work, and they struggle because being a leader is a career change, not just a slight shift in the work they do. This course arms a new or prospective leader with the knowledge and skills they need to confront the challenges they face early in their leader career. The course encourages the learner to think about the transitions that newer leaders face and how to handle those challenges. They are introduced to three leadership differentiators that are most important to building a positive reputation as well as contributing to the organization’s success.
DDI: Coaching: Move People Forward l February 10 & 24 l Cost: $124

The need to coach can happen at any time. In these moments, wouldn't it be great to have a go-to approach for coming alongside people and helping them reach their goals? Coaching: Move People Forward shows leaders how to flex their approach to meet the unique needs of the people they're coaching, right where they are, and guide them in successfully achieving a goal. To have this kind of positive impact takes a trusting relationship, and that means coaches must have a better understanding of the other person and themselves. Through self-insight tools, leaders explore their mindset toward others' potential to grow and change as well as their own willingness to open up and disclose. They learn how to use simple, memorable coaching techniques that involve asking provocative questions, connecting at a human level, and energizing people into action. Through either a choose-your-own video scenario or a describe-your-own situation, leaders practice the coaching techniques along with communication skills in real-time conversations that prepare them for any type of coaching moment.
Communication: Connect Thru Conversation l March 10 & 24 l Cost: $124

Much of a leader’s work is accomplished through daily conversations with team members and others. These interactions, especially the tough ones, often involve intensely personal feelings (on both sides) that have an impact on the practical outcome of the conversation and the personal connection between the leader and the person. The leader’s level of emotional intelligence—the ability to manage oneself and one’s relationships—is a critical factor in the success of these tough conversations.

In Communication: Connect Through Conversations, learners recognize that they can enhance their emotional intelligence by balancing “heart” and “head” in their tough conversations. They can address the heart by considering and responding to others’ feelings; they can engage the head by guiding conversations toward the desired business outcomes. Through high-energy activities, videos, and discussions, leaders learn flexible communication skills that will help them balance heart and head in all types of conversations, whether communicating face to face, by phone, or remotely.
Everything DiSC Management Assessment and Workshop l April 14 & 28 l Cost: $149

Everything DiSC Management Profile – is a simple tool that offers information to help you understand yourself and others better. Understanding yourself is the first step to becoming more effective with your employees and your manager.  The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters: D (Dominance); I (Influence); S (Steadiness); C (Conscientiousness). All DiSC styles are equally valuable. The ability to adapt your behavior to other DiSC styles can help you manage more effectively. In addition, team members can adapt their own behavior by understanding the needs, preferences, motivation, and strengths of others more clearly.
Emotional Intelligence l May 12 & 26 l Cost: $99

Emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman shares his view on why there is so much interest on EI/EQ in the workplace: “The interest in emotional intelligence in the workplace stems from the widespread recognition that these abilities – self-awareness, self-management, empathy and social skill – separate the most successful workers and leaders from the average. This is especially true in roles like the professions and higher level executives, where everyone is about as smart as everyone else, and how people manage themselves and their relationships gives the best and edge.” (Goleman, 2012) This workshop offers assessment and a deep dive into Goleman's five domains of EQ.
Mixing  Four Generations in the Workplace l June 9 & 23 l Cost: $99

Today's workforce comprises four distinct generations; each with its own shared history, common biases and core beliefs. Learning what makes each generation tick, and taking the time to consider your communication approach, will advance your relationships and help you lead your team during good times and through stressful situations.